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Stick that in your pipe and smoke it Mrs. Alving! #ghosts http://t.co/V1Q1r6EV4f2 hours agoRT @UMWDragon: "A gloomy sort of ghoul blinking like a stupid old owl when the warm sunlight of the best of life dances into his wrinkled …3 hours agoOur inspiration for Osvald the painter capturing the sun. #ghosts http://t.co/1riKN7vEsh22 hours agoRT @NTWtweets: Rehearsals are well under way for #ntwSnowdon. Check out our new images of the team at work http://t.co/gik1EmfaU1 http://t…23 hours agoRT @Miranda_Jayne: Oh lordy! Just seen the cast list! YES PLEASE! GIMMEGIMMEGIMME!!! http://t.co/OOQoyI6dsN @ClwydTweetsyesterday

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