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RT @sarahgb: back from seeing “The Wind Rises” From the Studio Ghibli master, Hayao Miyazaki. at @ClwydTweets. Stunning, simply stunning. …3 hours agoRT @njb1980: @ClwydTweets @MktgCheshire thanks @AaronsLegal for a fantastic evening... So interesting!3 hours agoRT @njb1980: Fantastic and inspiring back stage tour @ClwydTweets @MktgCheshire http://t.co/xbV0rYJsEU3 hours agoRT @sarahgb: just booked an insane number of films to see for the Autumn season at @ClwydTweets including the awesome classic “To Catch a t…3 hours agoRT @FamiliesNWSB: Looking forward to watching The Gruffalo @ClwydTweets in October!20 hours ago